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Your Satisfaction, guaranteed

What We Offer

At APB machinery, we are dedicated to exceptional customer service.
In addition to workshop clearances, we offer;
- Heavy machinery relocations to anywhere in the UK
- Shipping to all UK, Europe and  beyond
- Clearances of dwellings, educational and industrial establishments.
- Design consultation on  workshop setup and design
- Specialist knowledge and experience of heavy machinery lifting and removals
- Specialist removals of machinery from problematic areas!

Get in touch with us today to see how we can work together. APB machinery, at your service.

What We Are always looking for

Workshop clearances

Great Service, guaranteed

We are always looking to purchase a wide range of tools and equipment from both schools and industry, no matter what condition, we are always available to quote so please do get in touch.

Below is a list of what we area always in the market for;

Metalworking lathes (Including both manual and DRO)
- Boxford AUD, Boxford BUD, Boxford CSB, Boxford CUD, Boxford MEIO, Boxford TUD,  Boxford VSL, & all other models and variations of each.
- Harrison 140, Harrison L5, Harrison 12" & all other models and variations
- Colchester student, Colchester 1600, Colchester Bantam, 
- Myford Super 7, Myford ML10, Myford ML7, Myford ML7-R, Myford Sigma, Myford Connoisseur.
As well as Denford metalworking lathes, Viceroy metalworking lathes, Raglan metalworking lathes, Hardinge metalworking lathes, 

Milling machines (Including both manual and DRO)
Vertical, horizontal and universal milling machines from manufactures such as, but not limited to the below;
Adock & Shipley, Myford, Harrison, Tom Senior, Emco, Bridgeport, Boxford, Elliot

CNC's (of all types, CNC lathes, CNC laser cutters, CNC milling machines, CNC plasma cutters, 3d printers)

We specialist in Trend CNC routers but we look for and purchase the following;

Boxford A1 Hsri, Boxford A3 HSRmi2, Boxford A3HSRi2, Boxford A3HSRi, Boxford Duet, Boxford 190VMC, Boxford 160 TCL, Boxford MT2, Boxford 300VMC as well as all of their other models!

We also purchase makes and models of the following manufacturers, techsoft, HPC, Harrison, Denford, Myford, Emco, stratsys as well as all other models and manufacturers considered.

Plastic forming machinery (of all types)
Strip Heater, Convection Oven, Folding Jig, Hot Wire Cutters, plastic coating equipment, plastic recycling, Vacuum formers, Injection moulding, Thermo forming centres, 

We predominately deal with CR Clarke models such  CR Clarke 200FD, CR Clarke 242,  CR Clarke 248,  CR Clarke 300, CR Clarke 725, CR Clarke 725FLB, CR Clarke 750, CR Clarke 917, CR Clarke 1210, CR Clarke 1820, however we also purchase Formech models include, 300X, 450 and 660.

Blacksmithing, fabrication & forging equipment

Blacksmithing Anvils, forges, metal casting, gullotines, Power Hacksaws, pipe benders, press brakes, box and pan folder, notching machines, swaging machines, Crucible furnaces, brazing hearths, tempering ovens, crucibles, moulding boxes, casting benches  & Power Hacksaws, welders, plasma cutters, spot welders. We particularly look for manufacturers such as  Edwards, Gabro, Flamefast, HME, Brooks, Qualters and Smith, Wellsaw, Rapidor, Benchmaster, Meddings, Ajax.

Woodworking machinery
All types and sizes of wood working lathes, particularly Union Graduates. Circular Saws, Planer/Thicknessers, morticers, sanders, extractors, fretsaws, bandsaws, routers & jigs. Manufactures such as Union, Wadkin, Startrite, Hegner, Scheppach, Sedgwick, Harrison, Viceroy, Multico Antelope & Whitehead.

Drills (bench and floor mounted)
We particularly seek the following Meddings, Union, Herbert, Elliot & Startrite.


We also purchase and quote for the following

- Record hand planes
- Stanley hand planes
- Record Vices
- Linishers,
- Polishers
- Shapers
 - Grinders
- Surface Grinders
- Callipers
- Gauges
- Tooling such as; auger bits, taps, dies, milling cutters, drills, reamers and mill bits.
- Chucks and dividing heads
- Woodworking benches
- Metalworking benches
- Hoists
- Trolleys
- Machine vices
 - Cogs
- Pottery wheels and Kilns
- Air compressors
- Files
- G Clamps
- Sash clamps

Our services and interests aren't limited to the above, please do get in touch with any request.

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